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Galaga is an arcade shoot 'em up game initially released in 1981, and is the sequel to Galaxian.

Both games were extremely popular in arcades across the world back in their time and still prove popular today among retro gaming fans, especially on online sites like this.

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How to Play How to Play

You must prevent the invading Galaga forces from destroying mankind. In order to do this, you must desroy all of the incoming Galaga alien ships that your face on each of the stages. As the stages go on they will be become more difficult and intense with some enemies able to morph into new enemy ship types.

The 3rd stage and every 4th thereafter is a bonus stage, for extra points for the player. Good luck! See if you can beat the high score!

Game Controls Game Controls

Click to load or enable flash in your borwser.

To start the game use arrow keys and space to select.

Use Left and right ARROW KEYS to move your ship and SPACE to FIRE.

Bonus ship award at 20000 points.

More info: About Galaga

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